Stewardship of Leadership

Stewardship of Leadership
Stewardship: A Mission of Faith has developed a resource curriculum especially for leaders. This curriculum is designed to be a weekly gathering of leaders, men and women, where Biblical Scripture is read, contemplated, and discussed. It includes Scripture which pertains to a monthly topic designed for all leaders. The spontaneous discussion that ensues after the Scripture is read each week comes from each participant’s heart, relative to their home, work, and community experiences. It is important to understand that this is not a Bible study, and the Chairperson is not a teacher. We understand that our one Teacher is the Holy Spirit. The Chairperson facilitates the group discussion, faith-sharing, and prayers, but does not govern. Real life stories, successes, struggles, and events are shared by the participants as the Holy Spirit inspires each individual. The Leadership Groups are ecumenical and open to all Christians and those searching for Christ. These groups are to be an instrument in the healing of the One Body of Christ in answer to Christ’s prayer.

Leadership Reference Materials

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Leadership Work Books

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Work Book Volume 1

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Volume-1 Number-5 (coming soon)